School house wedding part 1

The wedding of Sally & Gregg part I

Sally and Gregg were blessed with some absolutely beautiful weather on their wedding day and it really helped all the lovely colours they had chosen for their big day to truly sparkle.

I met Sally bright and early at her parents house and it was a real hive of activity, full of fun and anticipation. Sally and her bridesmaids were very calm and were constantly joking around. After a couple of glasses of champagne the preparations were underway.

Birmingham-wedding-75Pin IT Birmingham-wedding-76Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-82Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-84Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-87Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-83Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-90Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-89Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-85Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-86Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-103Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-91Pin IT I left Sally for half an hour or so to allow her to continue her final preparations in peace and quiet. Gregg was getting ready just around the corner so I popped in to see how he was getting on. Gregg was in great spirits and I was looking forward to seeing his blue Ted Baker suit that he had been telling me about on the pre-wedding shoot. I wasn’t disappointed as the suit was vibrant and awesome. Birmingham-wedding-74Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-93Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-94Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-95Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-98Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-99Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-92Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-97Pin IT After grabbing a few shots of Gregg and the boys, It was then back to Sally’s to photograph the final moments of fun before heading for the church.Birmingham-wedding-101Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-102Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-100Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-107Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-106Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-73Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-88Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-105Pin ITBirmingham-wedding-108Pin IT

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