Frequently asked questions

Q. How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?
My work on the day usually begins around two hours
prior to the ceremony and concludes after the first
dance. If you prefer that I start earlier, or stay later,
all you have to do is let me know

Q. How many photographs will you take?
I have no fixed number, but there’s nothing unusual
in leaving with 1000 photographs of a single event.
When it comes to editing, I exercise a firm commitment
to keep only the very best. Nothing of inferior quality
will be allowed to pass, as I remove images with blinks,
unflattering expressions, and anything else I consider

When the editing is done, I usually have 500
images left for you to choose from.

Q. Do you take formal groups as well as candid photos?
Yes, and as quickly as possible!
I like to limit group photographs to a maximum of
20 minutes, working to a pre-arranged list.
I will ask your ushers to help gather the necessary
guests. The better prepared we are for this,
the quicker it will be.

Q. What do you do about eating on the day?
As I will be with you all day, I am normally
invited to eat the same meal as your guests. It is
certainly best if I can sit in a nearby room, to be on
hand to photograph the speeches.

Q. How do we book you?
We will arrange a date to meet and discuss
a potential booking. It is essential to establish
beforehand that we like each other, to ensure that
we’ll get on well on your wedding day!

Once a meeting has been booked I will hold your
wedding date for you. To organise a meeting, please
get in touch using the form provided on the ‘contact’