Enchanting Wood

The plan was simple. To create a wonderful woodland wedding shoot worthy of the name Enchanting Wood. The sun was shining, Nia had bought her beautiful wedding gown and I had a pocket full of smoke grenades. What could possibly go wrong! When we arrived at the secret location there was an immediate problem, the light in the nearby meadow was truly beautiful and wouldn’t hang around for long. There was no time to waste. Nia had a fantastic floaty dress on so we left the wedding dress in the car and began to shoot. The tree line created a stunning backdrop. We disappeared into the forest for a couple more pictures. We took a break so that Nia could put her wedding dress on. We grabbed some smoke grenades and I switched the dial on the camera to Enchanting. Some time to reflect. More smoke to create some Enchanting Wood magic. We returned to the meadow for some final frames in the wedding dress.

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