About Enchantingwood

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My Approach


Enchanting Wood wedding photography specialises in breathtaking panoramic imagey.

Throughout the day I will steal moments with natural reportage photography and fuse this with

beautifully lit,epic,fashion-quality images,that really capture the essence and beauty of your day.




Having fun and capturing fun are the hallmarks of the Enchanting Wood style.

I like to work in a relaxed manner and believe that it is vital that your experience is fun and enjoyable.

  In spite of all the enjoyment of the shoots, the Enchanting Wood approach remains thoroughly professional.




My personal belief is that photographs are a way of feeling, of touching, and of loving.

A well-crafted image will preserve those vital moments forever. It will always retain the spirit

and the glamour of the occasion, refreshing the little details, long after they would otherwise be lost.




The cinema provides me with the single greatest influence of my photographic style.

The lighting, the stories, and the epic widescreen format, can all be employed to

infuse  your memories with a touch of silver screen magic.

I will fuse these elements with the drama, atmosphere and emotions of your day,

to create the unique styles only found with Enchanting Wood.